Supersymmetry in complex geometry: venue and arrangements

4-9 January 2009, IPMU, Japan

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Venue : IPMU seminar room at Prefab B,
Kashiwa Campus, The University of Tokyo

The Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Universe is a research institute close to Tokyo aimed at promotion of inter-disciplinary interaction of physics and mathematics. Administratively, it is a part of Tokyo University, and the facilities of IPMU are situated in Tokyo University's Kashiwa campus, about 50 minutes from the downtown Tokyo by Tsukuba Express.

For directions to IPMU and Kashiwa, please check the travel section at IPMU webpage.

The main building of IPMU is still in preparation, and right now IPMU is housed in the 6-th store and the basement of the Kashiwa Research Complex (the eastern-most building of the Kashiwa campus) and three small houses behind the Kashiwa Research Complex, called Prefab A, B and C.

The map of eastern part of the Kashiwa campus, with prefab marked.

The easiest way to access Kashiwa campus from Tokyo is through Tsukuba Express line, going from Akihabara in downtown Tokyo. Kashiwa campus is 20-25 minutes walk from Kashiwanoha Campus (the 13-th station on Tsukuba Express line after Akihabara). One could take the 4-th and 3-rd bus lines from the Kashiwanoha Campus station, and arrive to the National Cancer Center, which is the closest stop to the IPMU site. The bust stops are announced in Japanese, but National Cancer Center is the first bus stop after Kashiwanoha Campus station which looks like a bus terminal. The bus ride to Kashiwa campus is 10 minutes. The National Cancer Center bus stop is marked on the map of Kashiwa campus above, with a small wine glass across the road east from the campus.

Crest hotel (Kashiwa)

A Tokyo University shuttle bus will leave Crest hotel 9:00 for the workshop venue at IPMU; the return shuttle ride will also be available. The Crest hotel is situated next to the Kashiwa JR station, in the center of Kashiwa.

Hotels near the Kashiwa station (the Crest hotel marked "B")

Kashiwa JR station is not connected to Tsukuba Express, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the National Cancer Center (the bus stop closest to IPMU) from Kashiwa Crest hotel. More detals are available at the IPMU page.

Getting there

Kashiwa is north-east from Tokyo, and the main Tokyo airport (Narita) is also north-east, but much further east. Still, it is more convenient to go from Narita directly to Kashiwa. Please check the IPMU site for detailed directions.

Railway stations and trains in Japan are usually marked in English, and easier to navigate than buses. From the basement of Narita airport, there are many trains to Narita proper; arriving to Narita JR station, one needs to take the JR Narita line to Abiko, transfer to Joban line going to Ueno, and arrive to Kashiwa; there are also a few trains from Narita going directly to Ueno, and stopping in Kashiwa.

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