Quaternionic structures in algebraic geometry

16-18 November 2007, University of Glasgow

Dedicated to the memory of Krzysztof Galicki (1958-2007)

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Organised by

Roger Bielawski (Leeds)
Misha Verbitsky (Glasgow)


Semyon Alesker (Tel Aviv)
Gil Cavalcanti (Oxford)
Andrew Dancer (Oxford)
Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill (Edinburgh)
Gueo Grantcharov (Florida International)
Andriy Haydys (Bielefeld)
Daniel Huybrechts (Bonn)
Tamas Hausel (Austin & Oxford)
Stefan Ivanov (Sofia)
Richard Thomas (Imperial)

Workshop Summary

Quaternionic geometry lies at the intersection of differential and algebraic geometry. On the one hand, quaternionic objects can be studied via holomorphic or algebro-geometric methods, on the other hand there are a number of problems in algebraic geometry, which can be translated into gauge theory or integrable systems and have some sort of a quaternionic structure. The aim of the workshop is to bring together algebraic geometers, differential geometers and mathematical physicists who work with the holomorphic aspects of the quaternionic geometry.

The workshop talks start on the morning of Saturday 17 November and finish in the afternoon of Sunday 18 November. The registration is free, but please send an e-mail to one of the organisers if you plan to attend.