Quaternionic structures in algebraic geometry

16-18 November 2007, University of Glasgow

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Venue and transportation

The workshop takes place in Glasgow University, department of Maths, room 325, third floor. For the speakers, we booked the rooms in two hotels: Heritage Hotel and Ambassador Hotel, both within walking distance to the University.

Department of Mathematics

Department of Maths is 15 University gardens. It's a nondescript gray building on campus, 5 floors, about 50 meters from the Hillhead subway station, and from the intersection of Byres road and University avenue (see the campus map). Maths is building D4. The Hillhead underground station is on this map, too.

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel is 7, Kelvin Dr,
Glasgow, G20 8QG, UK, +44 141 946 1018

It is situated next to Kelvin River, and a few blocks north from the Hillhead station (which is marked on the map). The walk to Hillhead is straight along Queen Margaret drive, which becomes Byres road one block after; 10-15 minutes to the department.

Heritage hotel

Heritage Hotel is 4-5 Alfred Terrace,
Glasgow, G12 8RF, +44 141 339 6955

It is situated 1 1/2 blocks from the place where Queen Margaret drive intersects Great Western road and becomes Byres road. Not far from Ambassador Hotel, and the same 10-15 minutes to the University.

Getting there

Official "getting there" pages: The central part of Glasgow is about 40-50 minutes walk from the University.

Glasgow Subway closes 18:00 at Sundays and 23:30 the rest of the week. During the night, you can use the bus called Night Rider, going the same route every 20 minutes.

Glasgow has 2 airports and two railway terminals.